Luke 3Hello, I’m Luke. I’m from South-East London and I write things, sometimes.

This is a place where I challenge myself to keep writing. It’s something of a scrap-book affair, with fragments, work-in-progress, and other bits and pieces displayed proudly for the world to see.

Lycanthropy started as a serial story-blog following the adventures of the morally dubious unquestionably handsome Kit in London town. To follow it from the beginning, start at One, then progress to Two and so on. Or just jump in somewhere at random.

Along the way there are some diversion stories that veer off from the main story, and some other unrelated things.

If you’re interested, some time ago my friend Nick interviewed me for his blog about books – you can read about what I like to read here.

As well as stories I also write songs. Sometimes I record them in a ramshackle manner on a 4-track recorder and post them online here. It’s all very lo-fi.

You can contact me via twitter @Luke_Bowyer or by leaving a comment that doesn’t look too much like a spambot wrote it.

Thanks for reading!


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